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Disputing talents

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talents that you have listed in the guide and I fully do not understand the reasoning behind any of them,

tier 1-How is 10% more damage not worth it? Esp when you start adding traits to your weapon

tier 2-grappling hook? To me that is the single most useless talent. I would rather have the 3 extra yards to try to avoid the zones under bosses

tier 3-why would you not want extra energy and faster regen?

tier 4-this one was tricky for me but since unless i am raiding i do a lot of solo i went with iron stomach

tier 5-I went parley cause I love making people do my bidding 

tier 6-Alacrity has a 20% chance to proc which means it has a 80% chance to not proc. Killing spree to me makes more sense

tier 7-I went death from above cause nothing cooler then dropping on someones head

I am not saying these are perfect nor am I saying what you have on the page is wrong. My concern is when people see no options they tend to go with what they see and make fun of those who don't.

Maybe you guys should offer more options

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Keep in mind that the guides are currently based around 7.0 at level 100 on Live servers, not 110 in Legion.

The talents presented are what we recommend to do the most damage, and where there are options that are close in value those are noted.

That said

  1. When all of these talents are simmed, 10% more damage from skills was less damage overall than the bonus strike chance on SS (which results in more CP and more PS) and the PS doing 50% more damage
  2. Grappling Hook is the most versatile talent here. While there is more personal preference in this tier, Hook will provide the ability to either jump out of mechanics or back into melee, it will allow you to swap to adds very quickly, or anything else you choose to use it for. Neither of the other 2 choices are bad ones, but Hook will provide the most utility and so is what we recommend
  3. Because PS procs are free, RtB has a good chance to give you a buff that helps with energy regen, and AR has a long enough uptime between the set bonus and the reduced cooldown from True Bearing (RtB buff) that the extra energy regen isn't currently necessary. Additionally, Deeper Stratagem provides a very nice extra bit of damage on Run Through, which is buffed even further by the class trinket
  4. This tier is ultimately up to you - I would recommend Elusiveness, since it causes Feint to become a cooldown that other classes have on a 2-3 minute cooldown.
  5. Parrley was not recommended because it offers no benefit in a raiding scenario. The other two offer very little benefit, but it's still more than 0. You're more than welcome to take whatever you want in this tier.
  6. I think you're misunderstanding the wording of this talent. It's a 20% chance per combo point. That means that when you use a finisher with 5 (or 6) CPs, you have a 100% (or 120%) chance to gain the bonus Haste. With Marked for Death from the next tier, this stacks up INCREDIBLY quickly
  7. DfA is almost as good as MfD in Single Target situations, but as mentioned above MfD can stack Alacrity incredibly quickly so is very valuable. Even without Alacrity, on fights with only 1 target

Tier 1 and Tier 7 both have options, but ultimately the way that we recommend setting up your talents will allow to you to put out the most damage. Since that's your job as a DPS class, it's understandable for some people to want you to choose the options that are best for that.

However, the difference between 2010022, 3010022, and 3010023 is pretty slim on Single Target fights. For encounters where you can get lots of resets on MfD, however, 3010022 pulls ahead by a significant margin.

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