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Community Arena Draft?

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So, GitP has a cool little thread going, where one person queues up an Arena, then the community votes with each pick (drafter usually doesn't vote, but will sometimes auto-pick really obvious ones). At the end, voters take bets on how far it's going to go, and the best guess runs the next one.


If I get enough interest here, I'll open one such thread. Currently have one running on Giant about 15 picks in, but after that I'll be wide open for another. Just need to make sure I can get 2-3 votes each day minimum. I don't feel like taking a month after all.

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Awesome. I'm 20 picks into one for Giant, but once I finish that run I'll start one here. Got that much time (should be less than a week) to gather interest for anyone wishing to participate.

If you are interested and see this topic, please post so that I know roughly how many I'll be getting.

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