Golden issues

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Golden issues

Golden hero
My golden hero (hunter) appears golden and animated on all of my hero slots (the initial slot and the added expansion slot/s) in my hero selection, but when playing the same hero using the one from the initial slot appears golden and animateds in the game, the one from the expansion slot does not.

Golden basic cards
Over time  a lot of basic cards got the addition golden version of it,
each hero gives 10 golden basic cards just by the early leveling up and more basic golden cards
been added with the heroes passing level 50 until they reach level 60.
I like the golden version of these basic cards - and i would not use the non-golden version of the same card.
These non-golden duplicate cards just take up space in the card collection, there are 90 duplicate un-golden cards for the 9 heroes and another 40+ neutral ones.
Would be nice to be able to dis-enchant them (maybe for 1 arcane dust) or delete them or to hide them - which would be a interesting feature because same cards i never use, like the Magma Rager, could be hidden too, making the card collection more efficient.

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about the first issue, you might want to report it as a bug in Blizzard's official "Bug Report" subforum

As for the suggestion, when a card cannot be crafted, I don't seea reason to be disenchanteable, but that's just my opinion. You can try to present it in Blizzard's official "Community Discussion", even though I believe you wouldn't be the first to do so.

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