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 Hi everyone,

Benevolence on Stormrage is looking for a few new friends to join our team and push into Legion Mythics! We're a group of old friends who enjoy killing bosses and taking their stuff, and we want you to be a part of that. We raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-11 PM EST. During Warlords of Draenor, we cleared every raid on Heroic mode before the release of the next tier. We are in the process of building our roster for mythic raids, and plan to clear heroics quickly and efficiently before moving into more difficult content. During the pre-patch period, we will be raiding HFC as a testing ground for new mechanics.

We are currently looking for one each of these roles:

DPS - Mage

Healer - Holy Paladin, Restoration Shaman

Tank - Warrior, Druid, or Monk with strong DPS or Healing offspec

We will, of course, consider exceptional applicants of any class.

We are looking for raiders who are driven to play their class at high levels. Our raiders are intelligent, hard-working, competitive, and take criticism very well. Because of our abbreviated raid schedule, outside research and preparation is paramount to our success. If this describes your raid mentality, we want you to join us.

It is very important to us that new raiders be available for every raid night, barring unforseen circumstances. We have lots of folks who pop in every few weeks and contribute, but we are seeking consistent core raiders.

If you enjoy spending weekday nights pushing your class to its limits, raiding with a team of progression-minded adults, having a few beers and ridding the Broken Isles of the Legion's cronies, consider joining us!

Interested applicants may contact Hrolnir or Raistman in game, or send a friend request to BattleTag Luca#1187.

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

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