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So, frequent users will notice some changes to our little part of the world here. The pre-patch for legion rendered many if not all of the pinned forum guides invalid. Some were for builds and talents that don't even exist anymore as well as associated weak auras. Even the HFC one is no longer accurate. I was going to leave it up but many utility spells are gone so it had had best 20 ish percent useful information.

There are now placeholders for similar guides for the first two raids in legion. They will become more populated as more concrete and valid data is processed and acquired. As well weak aura strings will be posted when those numbers become more finalized. I don't use weak auras myself however, we had a few contributors who made some really useful ones. So whomever comes up with them can post them or I can make a proxy post, and we'll have that all posted.

So, we are getting ready for legion, will try to keep guides current and up to date, but also delay publication of information that may be subject to change. I want this forum to be approachable and useful to all players and all levels of skill, via lfr champions or mythic progression conquerors. As usual though, its a team effort, So i look forward to working with you all and figuring out how we can make the best of our class :D

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