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primal elementalist or elemental blast for elemental shaman

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I was wondering which of these is more beneficial and why. I read about them in the talent section and im still not sure which one people are perferring, Thanks for your time :)

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I think that the talent section is quite clear, so I would be interested to know what you are wanting clarification on. On most single-target and stationary fights, you're advised to take Elemental Blast. For more complex encounters, take Primal Elementalist.

For a single-target encounter with little to no movement, you should use Posted ImageElemental Blast.

If the encounter requires you to move a lot, or if you often have to AoE down adds with Posted ImageChain Lightning, or you need a heavy damage burst, then you will go with Posted ImagePrimal Elementalist.

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Well, the answer is still the same for ToT. ;) I have no Shamans at all, but based on the guide I'd say these:

1st boss: Elemental Blast

2nd: Primal elementalist

3rd: Primal Elementalist

4th: PE

5th: EB

6th: Depends where you are assigned.

7th: PE

8th: PE

9th: EB imo. Not sure though

10th: EB

11th: EB

12th: PE

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