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Play prot pally but only have one fully functional arm. As such need to use a lot of castsequence macros with my pedals.

#showtooltip Blessed Hammer
/targetenemy, nodead
/use 10
/castsquence reset=6 Blessed Hammer, Consecration, Blessed Hammer, Judgment, Blessed Hammer, Judgment
 This is the one I was hoping might work with the patch but it doesn't. Any help would be appreciated.

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Solved TY

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First, remove 'Blessed Hammer' after #showtooltip to ensure when you use the first spell, you'll see a questionmark if you have spelled something wrong. (Also take away all the extras, line 2+3+4 to make sure they dont mess things up).

Additionally, I've had issues with my castsequence macros as well the past few days.


I use the following, due to AvengS-proc that I might not react to if I get it as my GCD is back;

/castsequence reset=1.0 <blessed hammer(or)HotR>, avenger's shield  |  This I have bound to scroll wheel forward. I also have a reverse castsequence (AvengS>Blessed Hammer) on scroll wheel backwards, because I am lazy.


I use a lot of macros like this:

/cast [@mouseover, exists] judgement; judgement (With judgement, taunt, bop, flash of light etc). Never have to swap target for utility.

What is nice about this is that if you hold down right click, you can never have a mouseover target so you will use it on your current target.


I guess check the paladin macros for the standard essential macros containing stop casting, but they dont hold the 'exists' with the [], and they dont have the '; <spell name' after most the lines so you dont get my "lazy" or smart/pro feature.


I didn't see anything wrong with you castsequence macro, it should work. Like I said, try removing the stuff in between to reduce additional possible error points.


Good luck with your pedals, I hope you get to stomp the legion as good as all else!

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