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Marksman post-patch comments

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So the day of the patch, I re-spec my main for our raid (we back off to heroic, just as a test) and it's pretty horrible.    I hadn't quite figured out the rotation just from reading and a little bit of practice..  One plate wearer gets a titan forged tier i740 socketed helm from H Kormrok.  I got nothing, and bonus rolled gold or stuff worse than I'm using.

And I'm thinking I need to do some WA strings for the procs, cause I can't see them in the upper right in a fight.   (The rewrite of JSHB now called classmod, seems to be pretty decent, now that I found it)  I still think I need a WA for lock-n-load, and the other procs.

So I grabbed another hunter on my other account who's on tomes.  Figure his gear is so crappy, I wont get any grief if my DPS is low.    Start using some baleful upgrades after burning through about 40 BOA mail pieces for the right stats, and get a few pieces of LFR tier.  Managed to get a couple of high level (titanforged) pieces from Kaz and my first mythic dungeon.  

Go make the 705 crafted weapon and really start having some fun.   4 hours later, the 715 gun from mythic docks drops from the second boss.  At least it has the right stats.  That's like the third time Bliz's RNG has given me a minor upgrade soon after I burn 5 upgrades on a crafted piece.

And barrage.  Damn, it goes through everything, around corners, through ceilings.  On Mythic GrimRail, I dragged the mobs on the ramps during the first boss fight through the closed door (I was targeting the goblin, so when he flew up, so did my targeting).  In the train, barrage shots went through the boxes, that used to block pre-patch barrage.  It's gone around corners, I'm pretty sure.  I'm standing back a complete car from the rest of the group in GR just so I don't pull extra. And I got kicked from a TBC time walkers cause the tank kept changing targets during barrage which then pulled more mobs.  Never mind I was doing more damage than the other 3 combined.

Get into a guild group doing fresh heroics.  gold and gold on kormrok.  Another hunter in the group who was already heroic/mythic tier geared didn't get an upgrade for his tier helm and offers it to me, which I obviously take.  gold and gold on gore too. 

End the week in H archi, he drops the heroic neck piece and I gave it to the (awesome) raid lead cause the TF one I got off Kaz was better, and it was a 25 ilvl upgrade for him.   He was on an alt cause the rest of his toons are all mythic geared, and was very grateful.  He comments that being top 6 in his group with only one tier piece was pretty good considering all things.

Man, I really miss deterence.   And distracting shot, especially on archi.  I guess I could I could MD to myself for that...  And having to stand completely still to get feign death to work is really annoying.  I don't remember it being like that pre-patch.   But blasting shot is a nice change, after losing scatter shot from Pandaren to  Draenor.  I'm pretty sure barrage will pull the adds from the far wall behind the barrier on the Tyrant fight.  However, every tyrant fight I've seen so far has cleared every mob in Tyrants room.  Glad to see aspect of the pack gone (can't count the times idiots have wiped fights because of that), and still figuring out how I can abuse Aspect of the Turtle

And without the T18 4-piece, I don't think I've ever run out of focus.  Back on my main, with the T18 4-piece and LnL, I've definitely been focus starved.

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