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2 questions regarding Fire Mage

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ive got two quick questions despite reading the Guide provided by Furty.


1) The guide states: " If Fire Blast IconFire Blast is on cooldown when Heating Up IconHeating Up activates, there are a few options available to you. If there are only a few seconds on the cooldown of Fire Blast IconFire Blast, you can use the downtime to cast defensive spells [...]"


My question: When heating up procs im alrady halfway through my next fireball - so i would need to cancel that fireball and wait like 1-2 seconds on top of that doing nothing? and thats boosting my DPS? It just feels wrong..


2) Is there any further advice on using "Flame on"? I fail to properly use it because its so awkward being inside the GCD...im thinking macros or sth?



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If you are concerned about doing nothing while waiting for Fire BlastFire Blast, then you can always use other offensive spells to hold on to that Heating UpHeating Up. Like the guide said, you can use:

Dragon's BreathDragon's Breath

Blast WaveBlast Wave

Living BombLiving Bomb




You can also use the downtime to throw on Ice BarrierIce Barrier. If your Fire BlastFire Blast is on a long cooldown, then you might as well shoot a FireballFireball and pray for a critical strike.

As for Flame OnFlame On, make sure it is available when CombustionCombustion comes off of cooldown. Other than that, use it after Fire BlastFire Blast has been put on cooldown.

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As Blood said, there are recommendations for offensive spells to use. 


  When in doubt, remember this rule:  NEVER, EVER, BE NOT DPSing!

  What that means is, if you are mid fireball cast on a heating up, and Fire blast is not 1.5sec or less CD remaining, finish that cast.  The only thing worse than losing a HU is 4sec of no damage.  That being said.. with things like dragon's Breath, blink and Ice Barrier, there are any number of things you CAN do to keep your activity as close to 100% as possible.

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