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Disc or Holy arena?

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Hey all


I have been trying to find guides regarding discipline priests in arena but all the guides i have found are mainly pre legion.

I used to play a lot back at Wotlk, quit just before cataclysm and just started. Am minutes from level 100 and have been levelling as a disc priest. This character is mainly going to do arena, 2vs2 and 3vs3. 

Im looking for someone who knows the class well and have a bit of time over to inform a complete newbie:)

1. What suits best for arena, disc or holy?

2. If disc, what would my role really be? During levelling, the encounters i have had in the wild, i have been demolishing oppositions(if thats worth anything :)), most of the time 1-3 levels higher but in 3v3 I'm completely lost and seems to be button mashing rather then do anything effective.

3. If i want to play as dps, is shadow more suited then?

4. Since resilience isn't in play anymore and i have been told that item level is sort of equalised upon entering, is there any focus on gear and stats at all anymore?


I will most prob have more questions ahead, thanks a million to who ever have time to give me some tips.



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