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Do WW monks really need to dual wield?

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Hi all,

At the start of the legion pre-patch blizzard sent my monk dual 1H Swords with a letter indicating that the weapon requirements of my specialization had changed.

Currently, I have a crafted Staff, and it looks like I can still use all my abilities.  I skimmed the WW class guide and I also found no mention of this weapon requirement (also the BiS list still has a 2H section).

Was the letter from Blizzard a joke, or should I really craft DW weapons?



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19 minutes ago, comicstars said:

I actually had 2 single handed weapons equiped, a axe and a mace, yet it replaced mine with 2 single swords as well, Any reason that it did this to me?


It probably sent it to all players that were monks, since you can't tell who has what weapons equipped I guess

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