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some equipment questions

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a causal with some questions. here's my dk


i recently gotten the http://www.wowhead.com/item=95632 x2

the question is if i should use them or my shin'ka 2hr? it has the 500str gem.

when i compare i still have more STR on my 2h compared to the 2x 1h. (uppgraded to max, with gems)


the other question is if it is worth breaking the 4pcs set bonus on t14 for a 502 item? just got this helm



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I'm assuming you haven't gotten the prismatic socket for weapons yet since you don't have it in your Shin'ka. You can put one in each 1h which makes up for some of the loss in str compared to the 2H, but DW frost is a slight dps loss compared to 2H Frost anyways. I would say try it out both ways and see how it goes, but you are probably better off sticking with Shin'ka.

For the helm I would break your 4pc and go with the 502. Haste/Crit is better for you than hit/mastery (unless you end up going dual wield), and the 4pc really doesn't add much. 5% str on pillar of frost is less than a 1% dps boost overall.

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great answer thanks!

im quite far from having that prismatic socket so thats not possible for a long time.

can even put in latent piece if i break the 4pcs bonus for extra compensation.

thanks again

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