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Medical condition - looking for easiest rotation

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Hey All

I've been playing WOW for 6+ years. I've tried most of the classes and have enjoyed almost all of them, I've been both a good healer and a good ranged DPS for my guilds over the years

Due to recent events I've had to have surgery done on my right hand for carpal tunnel and ulna nerve damage and my pinkie and ring finger still hurt. With Legion almost here I've been testing the various classes with varying success and I'm worried i won't be able to continue raiding with my guild. My guild could care less what DPS damage I put out or if I'm the best or worst healer as long as my numbers are good enough to help, we progress and I'm not performing at 40% or lower then the class should be able to produce with appropriate gear. 

My questions is in terms of button mashing and general strain on my hand (and yes I use heal bot and the appropriate AddOns/macros) which spec/class has the easiest rotation (least amount of button mashing)? And which role between Ranged DPS and/or Healer (can't tank or melee well at all in raids) would generally be less stressful on the hand?


thanks you in advance for any/all advice

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What class to play is a really complicated question that tends to change randomly during an xpack. If you just go with "easiest" right now then you might end up needing to main change 3 or 4 times over the course of Legion.


That said, I would say that you might want to look into Fire Mage as it is currently a very smooth and easy to handle rotation. For healer I would say resto druid or MW monk.


You might want to look into solving your problem with hardware though, I've been dealing with carpal tunnel since highschool (about 8 years now) and something I found that helped MASSIVELY was changing what I used to game on. Keyboards are, as a rule, fairly horrid for ergonomics, but there are other options out.


I highly recommend that you look into the G13 gameboard from Logitech CLICK HERE. There are a few other companies that make basically the same thing but, like Razer and Belkin, the G13 is IMO by far the best. I've been using one for about 5 years now and it has made a WORLD of difference in not only making raid easier but also alleviating a lot of pain in my left wrist.


The other bit of gear I would recommend would be a Naga mouse from Razer CLICK HERE. The 12 buttons on the side of the mouse combined with shift and/or ctrl modifiers make binding spells and such really easy and almost limitless. You can do ALL of your healing with just a Naga and Healbot/Vuhdo, no more number mashing ever again. Naga alone has 4 or 5 variations of the Naga and then Logitech, Corsair, Belkin, and a few other brands also have their MMO mice that work on the same idea. Personally I like the Naga Classic 2014. I've had the Naga Epic and the Naga Hex and I was very unhappy with both, the Epic was over priced and broke very easy and the Hex just didn't have enough keys for a MMO. The Classic Naga though is amazing.

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