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(request) Holy Artifact /Profession/ Tips / for Legion

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Hi ya'll,

The title pretty much says it all, but I'll get wordy anyway. 

This and WOD will be the first times I haven't raided/played through the Beta.  I'm sure there are lots f us out there who are searching for and confused by Artifacts, professions, quest-lines and overall Legion changes. 

I'm a long time Holy/Disc priest, as in at times obsessive Hardcore raiding through TBC -early MOP. I'm now semi retired /casualish.  

( I'll be raiding with old friends 3-4 hrs on Sat on heroic, maybe a little mythic, compared to the old 40 hr raid weeks of multiple alts.  heh, ya'll get the idea. )  I'll still be taking things very serious to maximize the short time spent, eg. I want my house in order,

The days of EJ and even shadowpriest.com seem lonnggg gone, mmo champ is what it is, but I find great input here, when I find it.

I plan on maining Holy, and picking up a little disc or shadow as need be and strengths/artifacts / the whole thing lets me. 

I'm currently Blacksmith / Tailor.  I have a farmer toon, and gold banked.  I'm not opposed to spending/changing/ putting in some weekday time, in order to MIN MAX , 

What professions, quest chains, artifact routes, oh heck what should I be doing now and the first few weeks of legion to get my stuff in order?

I've looked at the Wowhead Guide guide, it seems rather overwhelming.  Having not played the beta its like reading Greek to me. 

would some of you who got time in share your thoughts on the above please?  Also, I plan on being Holy, but... would it be wise to pick up and put AP into Disc? I haven't seen the fights, I know things can change.  Please just shoot from the hip and give your thoughts. :)  

Thank you!


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On 8/7/2016 at 8:13 AM, dsc said:

What professions, quest chains, artifact routes, oh heck what should I be doing now and the first few weeks of legion to get my stuff in order?

I'll try to give a couple of quick points but frankly, if you want to min/max, reading class feedback discussion for Holy Priest would be helpful. Things are being changed a lot, including talents and Artifact traits so even what I'm writing now may turn into not actual on Legion start (it's already different from a month ago when I did priest testing on Beta).

1. The feedback discussion is here - you don't have to read it from the start but rather from the last page moving back through the last couple of weeks. It is a good reading imo.

2. The current Artifact path and possible choices of Legendaries are here.

3. Off-spec Artifacts and choosing a levelling spec: you will receive the quests to obtain the rest of Artifacts on lvl 102, so it's not a big difference which one you'll choose the first. You can easily fill first 13 traits on any of your off-spec Artifacts - their cost is very low so don't bother with min/maxing during levelling - level in whatever spec you feel more fun. I personally had a great fun levelling as a disc on Beta but you can choose any other spec as well. With the dual-spec removal you can just 'switch-on-demand' whenever you feel like it.

4. Quest chains: with the mobs and quest rewards in Legion being scaled to your current level, just do the main chains in every zone - most of them have a nice Artifact Power or Relic reward in the end. Don't bother with side quests (if you are not into the lore or finishing all the quests in every zone) - their rewards most of time are gold or gear that you obtain from the main chain anyway. 

I saw a suggestion to pick a starting levelling zone depending on your professions - check where you will be sent for your first professional quests and start there.

5. Professions: maybe you should rethink your profession choice. The current advice is to have one gathering and one crafting prof on a toon because of Blood of Sargeras behaviour. It is a BoP crafting reagent that you will have to use in almost every serious craft and the easiest way to get it is from gathering. So having a toon with 2 gathering profs and a ton of Bloods that you can't send to your crafting main wouldn't be very helpful. There are other ways to obtain BoS: from world quests, disenchanting, dungeon runs, but gathering is the easiest so...

I would say that you can drop BS - I can't see any advantage of having it for a priest. Tailoring - definitely yes, the second one I'd say Alchemy/JC/Enchanting, but better to have it on your other toon.

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Thank you, Pandacho. I appreciate the feedback and links! I've been reading, heh there is alot.  I did contemplate professions, although there are supposedly profession dailys granting *some*bloods, I did take your suggestion and dumped blacksmithing. Especially with artifact weapons now, and no beltbuckles ect, it seems rather pointless to keep hanging on.

Enchanting seemed a much more viable choice. Thanks for making me think about it more!  Hopefully we'll see a priest starting out in broken isles guide sometime in the future. 

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