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I am current 69 and coming back after a long break.  I want to level up my hunter but so much has changed, I am overwhelmed.  That being said.  For leveling, what route is best?  Marksman/Beast/Surv?



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Can't speak for level 69, but I've tried my level 30 toon with all 3 specs, and so far, surprisingly, Lone Wolf Marksman seems to be the fastest. Specifically, Black Arrow talent is just very powerful on its own. It kills same level monster in a few seconds with no outside help, meanwhile you can prep Aimed Shot on another monster.

In general, monsters usually die half through Aimed Shot -> Arcane Shot -> Marked Shot rotation, before they even walk up to you. 

All of that in quest greens and blues, no heirloom items.

You can play without Lone Wolf to nearly same effect, if you want to have a pet.

I tried out Survival only for a very short time, but it seems to kill mobs pretty fast as well, though it's not as fast at moving around, since you can only harpoon to mobs, but no Disengage, and you are a melee. 

Throwing Axes and even the basic Mongoose Strike are very powerful. 

I wouldn't recommend Beast Mastery for leveling. It takes a long time to kill mobs. 


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