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Wand auto attacking with a no shard HoG

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Any ideas why this is happening?


If i try to drop a HoG with no shards, my game makes me wand instead.  so i get caught up with a GCD.  if i swap to something else, like a DE and not use the free cast on DB/SB  and try to zero shard HoG again.....another gcd.   


I'm used to having a bit of latency and trying to get my next cast in queue, so i've only now noticed this being an issue since patch (as i was destro alllllllllllllllll through WoD until prepatch)


any ideas how to get this shit to stop?



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It is in the design of the base game. If you are not close enough or the ability is not ready you will use auto attack. It is a lot easier to notice when you play a melee class. Beside the obvious "Do not try to use HoG when you cannot" the only thing I can think of is to maybe change it to a macro. Not sure how that would work though to be honest.

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