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Exsanguinate Nerfs

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Lets be real here, I think we all saw exsanguinate nerfs coming but was bringing it down to 100% really necessary? I've played with the nerfed version and my dps suffered a 15K loss. The nerf is so significant that assassination just feels totally underwhelming. I know that complaining about a nerf doesn't get anywhere but I guess its helping me vent a bit.  

That being said, how do you guys feel about the changes? Are you taking steps to change up the assassination rotation or are you looking to move to a different spec entirely? 


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Frankly yes, it was necessary.

  1. Assassination did an exorbitant amount of damage. Balance is not based around current live patch, balance is based around level 110.
  2. Assassination's Mastery does nothing for Bleed damage, which is where the playstyle was focused because of how much damage Rupture did
  3. Changes to the rotation and talents have yet to be finalized. I would expect other builds to become more viable, but until more Sims are run nothing is official

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