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Trying to mimic an old build I enjoyed

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Quick explanation: In BC, I had a 31/30 combat/assassination set up based around haste stacking with 2 2.6 spd weapons. Lots of white damage. I also set up a lot of defenses for short term tanking (when the tank dies, and before the wife b-rezzes). Call me a nostalgic masochist. Really just doing this for fun.

I see the potential to do something similar in Legion, and I'd like to see if I can come up with something "functional" (I use that term loosely). Essentially, I'd like to make it at least decent. Looking for help with the setup. Any advice/opinions are appreciated. (NOTE: I am aware this is not likely a viable raid set. It's geared just as much towards content and dungeons).



15: Saber Slash - Increased passive attacks fit the theme. Not sure if the bonus from Ghostly Strike would increase the passive damage though.

30: Acrobatic Strikes - I like the increased range. Still debating on hit and run for world content though.

45: Deeper Stratagem - I tried Vigor at first, but even with maintaining feint as part of my rotation, I couldn't use my energy fast enough.

60: Elusiveness - I keep feint up as part of my rotation. (I love the challenge of surviving a bad tank. Again, masochist).

75: Prey on the Weak - More damage.

90: Alacrity - More haste. That's the core.

100: Slice and Dice - Would be pretty silly to pass up on the fast attacks.

I understand this is similar to the optimal build setup. Thanks in advance.

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If that's the build you want to play, go for it.

If you're looking to run the top damage, that will be different. Keep in mind that your Energy regen will be MASSIVELY reduced come Legion release, because our relative gear level is going to drop significantly.

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