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Other Opinions about Spec-Viabilty in Legion

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found this today on youtube: click

His opinion about sublety-viability is very hard and destroying. Here at icy-veins I found something very different. For example in the 7.0.3-Guide-Section: "Very strong single target" and "good burst aoe". I know thats pre-patch. But what about Legion-Content?

I know a lot of people don't like the playstyle of sub, but i do. Is it really the worst spec for legion? I would like to here some of your experiences from the wow-beta.






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Assassination was nerfed yesterday (2 days after his video). Outlaw was changed as well, which means that 2/3 his video is outdated.

Traditionally, Sin doesn't scale well where Sub scales quite strongly, and this doesn't seem to be changing come Legion.

Overall Sub is probably the most versatile of the 3 specs, with tools for almost any situation. It's strong for both PvP and raiding, and with the burst AoE from SD+FoK it does decently in situations with a high number of adds in addition to its regularly strong single target damage.

Specifically, if you aren't pushing the highest levels of Mythic content, it won't matter what spec you play. After the most recent tuning patch yesterday all 3 specs seem to perform closely enough to not make any of them bad decisions.

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