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What is Reliable Damage and Predictable Damage?

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Hi guys,

I'm learning to play WoW. I was reading the Frost Mage DPS Guide and I didn't understand the meaning of the following sentence:

"The Frost specialization has always excelled at limiting enemy movement while dealing reliable and predictable damage output."

What's reliable and predictable damage? 


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Damage that is not effected by RNG in a large manner, so the delta between top and bottom is much smaller than a spec that relies on procs and RNG - such as fire. Fire often has had a 10-30% DPS swing based on RNG from pull-to-pull. That swing is much lower in legion than it has been in the past, but it still has a fairly large delta.


Frost on the other had is very smooth, very reliable from pull-to-pull.

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It's more or less just knowing what means what and how things work.  Knowing that a class/spec relies on RNG for procs and such means that there will inherently be a higher amount of variance than one that doesn't, simply because there are more outcomes that can occur after a given time frame for the spec that relies more on RNG.

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