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need help badly

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windwalker monk bdwong stormrage have no idea which what to reforge or gem having a very hard time figuring it out so could someone help me out i got the rotation down but stat wise i have no idea

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The haste soft cap can vary depending on how well you can play. More haste means you need to be more precise and better play. I've seen a few WW monks go for as little as 6k haste. but around 6-9k should be goo enough for you. Just set MR. Robot to a specified haste cap.

Also, if you have that trinket, you need to know how to use it correctly (basically pop TeB right as the buff ends to have a powered up TeB for a while longer) which means that mastery will shoot up in value.

I went to Mr. robot and tried to change some caps around for you and I got this.


Basically what I did was Mastery > Haste(6500) > Crit > more haste.

The thing to know is that all the stats are pretty close in value to one another and they should all be about equal with crit lagging slightly behind.

Ok, this next statement is very important:


the reason for this is because of the way the trinket works. Having mastery as a higher stat (before raid buffs) will ensure that the trinket will proc mastery and boost your TeB by a lot.

I hope this made sense and please ask questions if you need to.

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that was a ton of help i did everything execpt change my oh wep enchant cause its expensive but i was doing 55k on test dummy with out using TeB due to the fact of my oh enchant throws my stats off ill change that soon tho thanks again Bdwong

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