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unclear about Exsanguination and bleeds

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In reading the Assassination Rogue guide I found myself trying to create a burst "set" and got really confused about how Exsanguinate works.  The tooltip text says ".....causing your bleed effects on them to bleed out 100% faster" which I read as "will cause EXISTING bleeds to bleed faster."  This understanding is based not only on the language in the tooltip but the language that isn't there, namely anything regarding duration of effect or how long it might wait for me to get around to putting up a bleed.  Further on mention is made of always refreshing your bleeds after a fresh Exsanguination and I am thinking "Okay, we put up a Rupture, a Garrote, and a Hemorrhage and they're all bleeding along and I Exsanguinate and double the rate....great!  Now apply new bleeds?  Wipe out the bleeds  I just doubled up on with new un-Exsanguinated ones?...."  That's sorta where I am?  Can you stack bleeds after Exsanguinate?  How many and for how long?  It sure seems like you'd be overwriting  a nicely doubled-up pile of bleeds.  Maybe I'm getting too hung up on language and I don't trust my interpretations a lot.  (Guldan is a Murloc, yes?)   Any insight on how this really works is greatly appreciated, as is your time and effort maintaining these guides and forums -- thanks!!


Fyzyxx - Thunderhorn

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What it does is speed up all of the bleeds that are on the target when the spell is cast. It has no effect on any new bleeds after the initial cast of Exsanguinate

Hemorrhage is not a bleed - it increases the damage of your bleeds but is not a bleed on its own.

You should not be reapply your bleeds once you use Exsanguinate until they are about to expire.

And no, Guldan is not a murloc ;)

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