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The "My New Main is a DH, How Do I Get Ready for Legion?!" Thread

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Who is This For?

The first section is good for everyone and answers a lot of basic questions I've been seeing in Reddit and in Trade chat. The later part is mostly for raiders that are seeking to be doing mythic raids and are doing so with the goal of finishing all mythic raid content while it is still the primary content. This information will be helpful for everyone that is main changing to DH in Legion, but it will likely be over kill for the average player.


What Do You Base This Information On?

Personal experience mostly, supplemented by An Awesome Spreadsheet that was made by Медифк, Soulflayer Ru and translated by Ziriell, Ravencrest Eu. I HIGHLY recommenced that you read the spreadsheet and use the information provided.


Okay, I Made My DH And Am Ready For The Starting Zone, Anything I need To Know?

Yes. There is some fun side items in the starting zone that are unattainable once you leave, the best one is a flask that gives stam and agl and scales till 110, Inquisitor's Menacing EyeInquisitor's Menacing Eye. A close second is a 28 slot bag, Vile Stalkerskin PouchVile Stalkerskin Pouch. The rest of the items are 680ilvl gear that aren't really important.

Helpful Map to the Locations of the Items


I'm Done With The Intro Stuff, How Do I Get The Broken Shore Scenario Quest?

You can't, DHs don't do that quest. Our starting zone + the quest line once you make it to Org/SW is what we get instead.


Ew, My Ilvl is 680 - How Do I Get BiS Gear Before Legion?!

Mythic Dungeons (max ilvl 685-705), Normal/Heroic/Mythic raids (max ilvl 690-740ish), Invasions to get the boxes that have ilvl 700 gear and then farm shards to buy upgrades for your weapons to get them to 725ilvl.

Heroic Dungeons are useless since you leave the DH zone at 680-685ilvl.

Mythic Dungeons aren't that good for gear, but are a great place to get you ready for other content. Learning how to DH is important and Mythic Dungeons are hard enough to help you, easy enough to not break you.

LFR HFC is useless, ilvl to low.

Normal HFC ilvl is fine, but for time to gear isn't all that effective.

Heroic HFC ilvl is fine, worth doing a run if you can find a group.

Mythic HFC is where the best gear is, but it is time consuming, hard to get into unless you're guild is carrying you, and with the time left in the xpack not really that effective. Still good place for learning to DH and such though.

Invasions are a great way to get a full set of ilvl 700 gear and two ilvl 725 weapons.


Wow, That is More Work Than I Thought. Do I Really Need 700-730ilvl Before Legion?

No. You get your 750 weapons as soon as Legion starts, quest takes about 20min. The rest of the gear will be replaced by quest items quite soon after starting. You *can* do it all even if you're in the basic DH starting gear, but at 680ilvl it will be a little slower and a little more effort. Since we have so much time before launch I would highly recommend that you at least do the Invasion events to get a set of 700ilvl gear. Takes about 2 hours worth of work and makes starting in Legion a bit smoother.


What Else Do I need To Do Before Legion?

Professions, UI, transmog (looking good while killing is important), make as much gold as you can, find people to form a solid Mythic+ group with, stock up on snacks and drinks.


What Are The Best Professions in Legion?

Eh...that depends. Professions in Legion are more helpful then they were in WoD by a good margin but the ones that were great in WoD aren't always the best in Legion. There is a lot to be said in this section that I won't go into, I highly recommend that you read the spreadsheet for a more complete idea of the professions in Legion. Tl;Dr - you really want at least one gathering profession and one crafting. Personally, I'm going with two gathering profs while I level and then dropping one at 110 for a crafting prof. The two best for raiders are mineing/jc or eng.


Woooohooo! I'm Ready! ...Now What Do I Do Once Legion Launches?

Level up. In case you've been living under a rock, Legion launches on Aug 30th (US) and the level cap is raised to 110. On logging in (or at like midnight when it launches) you'll get a quest, follow the quest chain and do what it tells you to do. You'll pick what spec you want to be, you get your warglaives, you'll become the leader of the Illidari, you'll be given the option of where you want to go to level. The leveling in Legion doesn't work like it has ever before, you can go to any zone at any time and everything scales to you - the mobs, the exp, everything. Personally, I think Stormhime was the coolist zone and I plan on starting there because I like it and I want to do the zone I like the most when I'm the most rested so I can enjoy it. But really, it doesn't matter where you start or in what order  you go.


I'm Level 110, Now What?

Get gear, quests till you're ready for normals, normals until you're ready for heroics, heroics until you're ready for mythics, etc. Do your work orders EVERY DAY. Do your dailies EVERY DAY. DO IT ALL. Missing even one day will put you a good bit behind in AP.



What is DH BiS Gear For Pre-Raid?

I have no idea. I can't find any lists and I'm not spending the hours required to make one. If someone shows me one or I find one I'll edit this to add it.


That is it for now, feel free to comment and I'll add information as needed. Good luck!























Most of this is aimed toward mid-high level raiding, i.e. raiders that are looking to finish all mythic raid content while it is relevant regardless of when in the tier that is, be it the first 2 weeks or the last 2 days. This will also be helpful if you planing on not raiding as hard, but likely would be over kill for you to follow completely.

The information and ideas here in are based off of years of high level raiding, playing through 5 expansions of new content, a half dozen main changes, hundreds of hours of beta across 3 expansions, and more.

Additionally, major thanks to Медифк, Soulflayer Ru and Ziriell, Ravencrest Eu for their work on a brilliant spreadsheet also.






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You can pvp on more geared characters too and get 28 Marks of Honor, which are account bound.  You can then send that for a full set of 710 gear sans neck, rings, trinket.  Gets you pretty close to 700.

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