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Project Titan and the new console

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I have a prediction. I am not working for Blizzard, I am not on any beta team, nor do I have inside information.

I will not be attending Blizzcon either.

Just a guy been playing wow since 2004, and my "gut" feeling is that since XBox has been trying to "woo" gamer's for years off the PC.. I feel it's time to move on..

The NEW XBox ONE has very nice stats, it's competitive, and let's face it it's simply a Windows OS stripped down (yes, essentially that's what it is).

All this being said my prediction.. is that WoW *WILL* be a console game (announced at Blizzcon 2013) by Next year as a part of "new" project to port games from the PC.

I seriously believe that with all the "cheating" and bots, unbalanced machines, crashes due to updates and basic inconsistent play on many variations of hardware clients, we should expect a more balanced environment.

Think about this.. LFR, PvP, classes are becoming more commodity rather than custom.. to make it easier to control with a XBox controller (or PS4 for that matter). You can do many things with a mouse and very few keys.. even the mouse has buttons.. hey just like an XBox!

Even if we have 20 icons on our task bar, how many do we ACTUALLY use during a fight? Yeah like 8.. plenty for a XBox, X, Y, A, B, Diamond, RT, LT, LB, RB not to mention the buttons on the joystick and combo, A+LB, B+LT.. there are plenty of ways to make this work.

I also believe that kinect.. will be coming to PC hardware around the same time. This will make game play have an extra mode.. Physical mode or reality mode... so you login to wow, you will get prompted for which mode conventional client mode (as it is today) or Kinect mode. Makes playing more "real" since you have to ACTUALLY gesture everything just like for REAL.

You MUST be using kinect to play against other kinect players, so you can't "cheat" by using a standard controller...

This is just MY prediction, but I seriously believe this is viable. It will defeat parents complaints about their kids "get off the couch" and sit in front of a TV all day...

So the XBox has both.. kinect AND controller. The stats, the performance, the client it's ALL there ripe for the picking.. I am almost certain Blizzard will make this announcement at Blizzcon 2013.

Yes I am insane, crazy, stupid, even clueless, but let's see if I am right. Titan get's cancelled ahead of Blizzcon, the timing comes right after XBox one announcement, MS is ACTIVELY pursuing gaming companies.. and Diablo is ALREADY a console game... c'mon... let it marinate..

It's not reaching really...

It's my prediction, didn't read it anywhere, it just came to me when I called Miss Cleo.. ok just kidding, she sent me a tweet!

But anyway you slice it.. or try to diffuse or discredit my prediction as being a wild crazy idea.. it COULD be possible with very little effort.

Not difficult, WoW desperately needs a way to get some new blood.. no pun intended. They need this.. it's a change, it's very possible, and I believe evolutionary. The PCs are more gateway machines to get TO your internet, but not really used for much else, consoles are the future for games.

Tell me I am wrong... even if you say I am .. you STILL have to prove it.

PS4 just reinvented itself, XBox (Microsoft is pinning it's hopes on XBox) is here to stay another 10 years... and there are easy ways to allow game vendors and manufactures to develop on a console.

It's a WIN WIN WIN. No more downloads, incompatible software, virus or "hacked" accounts.. well ok maybe not hacking but certainly a more evenly balanced performing gaming system.. cheaper than what you can build a PC for.

Just in case I am not committed a year from now for having the most incredibly retarded idea ever.. let's see if I am right first..

I think I may be on to something....

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