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fury warrior dps talk/execute questions

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incoming wall of text. The purpose of this post is to pick some of the veteran theorycrafters skulls.


I did all this “testing” in my garrison on the damage dummy.

My ilvl was 631 – no trinkets equipped

no weapon enchantments

my stats are as follows;

25% crit,

17% haste

32 % mastery.


I tested each spec for 7 minutes. My data showed this;


Highest dps spec was:

Avatar, carnage, inner rage and dragon roar.

Gave me a total of 33k dps

rotation was rampage> bt> rb> furious filler


second highest dps sec


was everything above except swap avatar with wrecking ball.

Gave me 31 k dps.

Rotation was the same except I fed in WB proc only when enraged.


Third highest was;

Avatar, Frothing beserker, frenzy and dragon roar.

Gave me 30k dps.

This, was my most fun- while the micro management of frothing beserker is less that ideal I felt like I was always in enrage mode – or at least It felt like it. This also had the highest number of RB hits.


I did quite abit more but Ill keep this short.


My question for the veterans is this;


what are you guys seeing? My dps compared to my raids is meh and while I know im not the BEST player ever, I feel confident i could at least pull close to 80 % of top players dps all things equal. How do you guys think artifacts will change rotations / dps ? 

Also, Icy veins guide says to only execute when enraged and you are better off rampaging.

Currently fully buffed and 717 ilvl there are some fights where I went almost the WHOLE execute phase without executing but maybe once or twice. I know rng is a weakness of the build but is rampage really more effective than unenraged execute ? Maybe its the 'BIGOLECRITS” that get me but it just seem like the more I execute, enraged or not my numbers seem to be better- I dont really have the proof of this.


Thank you for your time, the purpose of this post isnt really a do this or that thing. Its more just to spark a convo.

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