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I was just curious as to keeping enrage up as long as possible.  I read on another post here that you are aiming to keep enrage up 95% of the time. At best i am only up 70% of the time but average is around 54%.  I am hitting Rampage every CD when not enraged, and bloodthirst every CD when not enraged and Rampage isn't up.  otherwise i am hitting furious slash for the increased chance for bloodthirst to enrage.  I am only hitting Raging blow when enraged.  Is the 95% still achievable and if so, what am I doing wrong?

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Hi Bordendl,

As far as the uptime on Enrage, current simulations are showing ~70% uptime. This can come with variants within 3% but also keep in mind that this is single target simulations. (Using SimulationCraft). The beta Legion simulator provided by Ask Mr. Robot is also showing around 66% (with an 840 template).

These are just speculation numbers. I wouldn't worry about hard numbers until we're actually in game and running The Nighthold. The bottom line is don't be disappointed if you're not at 95% uptime, lol.

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