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[Player] [A/H] <Xyun> Tank/Healer/Melee DPS, Returning to WoW

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First off, thank you for looking at my post.


I'm an ex-veteran player who started playing in vanilla on day one (and even in vanilla beta), right up until the end of WotLK. Throughout my wow career, I've been in several guilds that were involved in most server firsts, and all heroic content (10 and 25 man) up until the end of WotLK were cleared.

Prior to quitting wow due to RL, my main was a holy paladin on US-Kilrogg, and I had the server first Val'anyr. My raid attendance was close to 100%, and I kept up with all the theorycrafting, and min/maxxed my characters where possible.

As of this post, I am in the process of re-installing WoW.


Personality and IRL:
Both in game and IRL, I am serious, determined, and dedicated; but kind-hearted and helpful. IRL, my life revolves around my full-time job as a lead engineer in one of the world's top enterprise tech companies, and I am happily married with a lovely wife (who unfortunately does not game), and have 1 kid.


What I am looking for:
I am looking for a casual-serious (or do you call it casual-hardcore) mythical raiding guild for Legion. Casual about the schedule, serious/hardcore about raiding. Faction or server does not matter. I'm on EST, and would prefer to raid at or after 9pm. Being married with a kid, I am unable to afford the time I used to back in the old days. I believe strongly in quality over quantity anyway. I'm no longer interested in server firsts and all that jazz, but I do want to play with a strong social group of people who want to have fun together experiencing content in hard-mode.

Since so many changes happened in the past 6+ years that I have been gone, I'll be happy to roll with whatever class your guild needs, although I'd prefer *not* to play a ranged DPS class. For some reason they just never appealed to me.

Please PM me here or via my battle.net ID: Xyun#1664

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