[Bleeding Hollow][H] <Syndicatë> (10/10H) Recruiting for Mythic

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Syndicatë (H) US-Bleeding Hollow - 10/10N, 10/10H





Tuesday Progression 8:00PM EST.
Wednesday Progression 8:00PM EST.


- MDPS (all except sham, druid)
- Healer (sham/pally/priest preferred)

A competitive raid group that values the time and effort that our members put into the group. We prize consistency, self-improvement, collecting loot, communication & teamwork, and having fun. Strong, progression oriented leadership. Strict no nonsense policy when it comes to progression. No hesitation to make decisions that get bosses down. Goal is clearing content on Mythic difficulty. 

Expectations of applicants:
- Maturity
- Punctuality
- Consistent output from pull to pull
- Good raid awareness, and mechanics execution
- Patient
- Prepared to raid
- Positive, respectful attitude
- Working microphone

Edited by Seraph
update as per recruiting demands, and progression

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