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I can't get LFR gear nomore? D:

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I was planning to get PvE Tier 16: LFR gear for my Paladin but then I thought, can I even solo for that gear anymore since its LFR?
Is there anyway? :( That is the coolest gear imo for pala (my fav col is cyan/lt blue) :P

The LFR gear I want:

Jarmo "vQNZ"

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Above Mogu'shan Palace in the Vale of eternal blossoms there is a bunch of NPCs that will let you queue into MoP LFR solo.  The only fight you absolutely can't do solo is Galakras, just due to the nature of the fight (the boss needs to be hit with 2 cannonballs at once, cannons on top of 2 different towers), and thus you can't get to the rest of that wing of the raid.

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