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Tigereye Brew management concerns

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I've recently started playing WW on my monk and with the changes to WW mastery, Tigereye Brew management seems an important part of the WW playstyle and min/maxing.

I main a Destro Warlock and I'm thinking of porting their style of Ember management to my TEB management. In short, you pool Embers until you have your DPS cooldown ready or one of your strong procs come along. Is there something to gain in doing the same with TEB? Is pooling TEB charges (of course never letting it hit 20) until a strong proc comes along a profit in DPS?

Maybe this is already protocol in the WW world and if so I'm sorry I've missed it in my hunt for information.

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I don't main a Windwalker, so if someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Windwalkers don't really have any other DPS increasing cooldowns other than TeB and time between them isn't necessarily very long.

So unless you have the Rune of Reorigination trinket, its probably safe to say you can pop it "On cooldown", per se.

Now if you feel like you really do want to use it during specific abilities, I would say the best time would be during one or more of these situations with this priority:

  • Fist of Fury
  • Energizing Brew is up.
  • Rising Sun Kick
I think using it before some of these abilities would give you the "best bang for the buck" throughout the fight.
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For the management of TeB there are two sets to follow.

1. If you don't Have the rune of re-origination then you would want to use it mostly at 10 stacks on CD except if you know there is a damage boost phase then you would want to save it for that phase to get the most bang out for your buck.

2. If you do have the rune of re-origination this is when the fun begins.

First thing first must have mastery as the highest stat. Idealy haste should be a bit behind mastery followed by crit.

Secondly ideally you want to use TeB when the origination buff is about to run out, i usually try use it with 1-3 sec left on the buff. This takes a snapshot of your mastery and gives you the buff. I got 110% raid buffed before i got a new trinket not sure atm .

Priority i follow.

1. 10 stacks+ with rune of re-origination with bonus damage phase

2. 10 stacks+ with rune of re-origination

3. X<10 rune of re-origination

4. 18+ stacks without rune of re-origination

Well that is the basic idea for me at least. As you play more you will understand.

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I know this question is not PvP related, but you generally want to use it when you have the full uptime in the next 15 seconds. Using TEB and getting a fear is almost as useful as throwing cotton at your enemy, so you are better off accumulating a few more stacks and then using it at the right time. After all, that's why Blizzard made the maximum 20 and not 10. This might also apply to bosses that CC you or have a special "I suddenly take more damage"-mechanic.

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