Blackout Combo into Ironskin Brew

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Hi All, 

I did a decent feedback/thoughts and issues on the Legion Brewmaster in the EU forums. If anyone is interested, I'll link in the end. 
Since I love the Blackout Combo, it will be my go-to talent in Legion. 

You have to know that Ironskin Brew combos into "Pausing" your Stagger damage. Although that's really vague description, what it does thankfully is that it mitigates your Stagger damage for those 3 seconds. Here is where my question comes in. During those 3 second, you still have your Stagger and Ironskin Brew active. So how exactly the damage you inherit during that window is calculated? 

As I shared "  Going back to Stagger damage calculations, the Aura (Debuff) and my add-on seem to get a bit confused when I do this. So let's say I have a 6k Stagger, I do BO into IB and for the next 3 seconds, my Stagger amount still stays at 6k, while I don't take damage. Then as the effect expires, it drops to 5,5k or whatever is the amount of Stagger damage left and continues from there.   " . However, if you actually inherit new stagger damage during that time - How does the calculation go?

Link to my topic on EU forums: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613202816 


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