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Anyone know of a guide or a "WoW Graphics for Dummies" for the wow graphics settings? Some are self explanatory but some aren't. I play on a laptop that wasn't designed for gaming so I tend to run it way lower than I could probably handle It comes from MoP where when I'd get by water in the game and my computer would freeze.I have it 1 setting with only view distance turned up a bit. 35 fps min/max setting I read somewhere that will keep your graphics card from overheating. I grew up with Atari 2600 so it's really not that bad but having better spell and item graphics would be nice. For example my water looks solid blue. I was looking for a sword for my fire mage and I found Blade of Wizardry & Teebus Blazing sword on wowhead and was like "sweet" but in game its a handle with a few faint pinkish areas coming from it.

I googled it and searched the forums here and wow forums but couldn't find what I was looking for.

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