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Leveling as healing spec...

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So with Legion just around the corner i am thinking of leveling my Monk however i want to level quite quickly and was wondering if i can level my Mistweaver artifact whilst being Windwalker?

I have looked around and people have been saying that leveling as healing spec is viable but twice as slow. However if i am able to spend AP on my MW artifact in dps spec then i will probably do that.

Another question i have is should i just level my WW artifact till 110 then start on my MW artifact, because i have also read that up till rank 13 it does not cost a lot of AP so i could quickly get to that on my MW artifact.

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Hmm, you actually answered all your questions by yourself.

Yes, leveling in a healing spec is slow, yes, you can spend AP for up to 13 traits on your offspec artifact while leveling.

Almost all the AP comes in a consumable items so it's your choice on which artifact to use it.

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