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wow WoW Hotfixes - August 26

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The hotfixes continue, even four days before the launch of Legion.

Today, we have a round of hotfixes that affect both PvE and PvP. The news is that Death Knights didn't receive any more PvE nerfs... this time! Jokes aside, the PvE changes mostly consist of buffs, whereas the PvP ones are mostly nerfs.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard Entertainment

August 26



  • The Achievement “I Saw Solis” should now be awarded to participating players as expected.


Demon Hunter

  • Demon Hunters can no longer go beyond the expected boundaries of the Temple of Kotmogu battleground.


  • Lunar Strike splash damage increased to 35% of initial damage (was 18%).
  • Mastery: Nature's Guardian once again gives 1% Attack Power per point, as intended.
  • Nature's Guardian doesn't increase healing from Hand of the Protector, Ysera's Gift (self), Cleansing Waters, or Judgments of the Pure.
    • Developers’ notes: Heals that scale with the Guardian's maximum health already benefit from Mastery, so further increasing their healing was "double-dipping" Mastery.


  • Exhilaration (Marksmanship) now heals the Hunter for 30% of maximum health and the Hunter’s pet for 100%.
  • Volley now deals additional damage at 100% of Attack Power (was 75%).
  • Murder of Crows (Marksmanship) now deals damage equal to 162% of Attack Power (was 135%).


  • Frostbolt damage increased to 185% of Spell Power (was 170%).
  • Flurry damage increased to 105% of Spell Power (was 90%).


  • Aura Mastery (Aura of Sacrifice) replicates 15% of effective healing (was 10%).


  • Penance damage is now 190% of Spell Power (was 175%).
  • The Penitent now heals 300% of Spell Power (was 275%).
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Discipline) damage increased by 7%.
  • Purge the Wicked additional damage increased to 48% of Spell Power (was 42%).
  • Dominant Mind cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
  • Schism now deals damage equal to 425% of Spell Power (was 400%).
    • Developers’ notes: We recently identified a bug that was causing Discipline Priests to gain far more benefit than intended from caster DPS trinkets.  While we do intend for Discipline to benefit from caster DPS trinkets (including through Atonement), and will be tuning those appropriately, we are slightly increasing the spec’s damage to account for the bug fix. We will continue monitoring the issue.


  • Run Through damage reduced to 142% of Attack Power (was 150%).
  • Between the Eyes damage reduced to 85% of Attack Power (was 88.5%).
  • Mastery: Potent Poisons now provides a damage bonus of 4% per point (was 3.5%) and a bonus to Agonizing Poison of 2.0% per point (was 1.75%).
  • Elaborate Planning now makes your finishing move grant a 15% bonus to damage (was 12%).


  • Unleash Life increases your next heal by 45% (was 30%).
  • Wellspring now heals for 375% of Spell Power (was 300%).
  • Wellspring heals for 25% of normal value on full-health targets, if it has more than 6 targets.
    • Developers’ notes: This does not reduce Wellspring's effective (non-overheal) healing. In the future we plan to find a different solution, but we felt it was it was better to address the interaction between Wellspring overhealing and Cloudburst Totem now, rather than wait to change it after it got more use.


  • Drain Life now does damage of 35% of Spell Power per tick (was 30%).
  • Drain Soul now does damage of 52% of Spell Power per tick (was 44%).
  • Haunt damage increased to 700% of Spell Power (was 600%).
  • Incinerate damage increased to 210% of Spell Power (was 190%).


  • Players should now be able to see Archmage Khadgar during the quest “City Under Siege” without leaving Dalaran and returning.


  • Implemented a fix for a bug that was causing a loss of sound with Creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE sound cards.

Player Versus Player - The following adjustments only apply to PvP abilities when used in PvP.

Death Knight

  • Heartstop Aura now decreases cooldown recovery rate by 20% (was 30%).
  • Heartstop Aura radius is now 8 yards (was 10 yards).
  • Necrotic Aura radius is now 12 yards (was 10 yards).
  • Apocalpyse (Unholy) now bursts 4 Festering Wounds (was 8).


  • Cyclone cast time reduced to 1.7 seconds (was 2.0 seconds).
  • Summer Solstice (Balance) reduces the cooldown of Solar Beam by 20 seconds.

Demon Hunter

  • (Havoc) PvP Stat Assignment Adjustments:
    • Agility reduced by 10%
    • Mastery reduced by 60%
    • Critical Strike increased by 30%
    • Haste increased by 30%
      • Developers’ note: Havoc Demon Hunter damage overall was quite high, so we reduced the amount of Agility they receive in PvP. We also felt that their Mastery contributed too much to excessive burst, so we’ve redistributed their secondary stat budget, reducing their Mastery, but increasing their Critical Strike and Haste.
  • Glimpse (Havoc) now grants 3 seconds of Blur (was 1.5 seconds).
  • Awaken the Demon (Havoc) now grants 6 seconds of Metamorphosis (was 8 seconds).


  • The Beast Within (Beast Mastery) now reduces the cooldown of Bestial Wrath by 15 seconds (was 30 seconds).


  • Kleptomania cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Arcane Blast (Arcane) now deals 15% more damage in PvP.
  • Dragon Breath (Fire) duration reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds).
  • Fireball (Fire) now deals 75% additional damage in PvP (was 150%).
  • Firestarter (Fire) now reduces Combustion’s cooldown by 5 seconds (was 10 seconds).
  • Flamecannon (Fire) now stacks to 5 (was 3), but only increases damage, range, and health by 3% per stack.
  • Greater Pyroblast (Fire) now deals 35% of the target’s health (was 25%).
  • Ice Lance (Frost) deals 20% additional damage in PvP.
  • Frost Bolt (Frost) deals 20% additional damage in PvP.


  • Plunder Armor (Outlaw) reduces the target’s damage by 10% (was 20%) and increases the caster’s damage by 10% (was 20%).
  • Run Through (Outlaw) damage reduced by 15% in PvP.


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Knew the apocalypse nerf was incoming but i am exceedingly happy it's pvp only. It's really the most fun pve aspect left so if they butchered it, that would have been sad. pvp wise though you could almost one shot people with it so I can understand the nerf. lets just pray it stays pvp only XD

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