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Blood DK in legion

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I`ve played Frost/Unholy dk since cata and dont want to swap class now, however I have been thinking about swapping to blood to tank.

Ive read alot of diffrent things about blood, mostly people saying its fun to play but i havent really found someone saying if its actually good or not.

So my question: Should I bother rolling Blood in legion? I dont care if its fun, it needs to be good (not saying it has to be #1 tanking spec but i want to be useful for my raid team)

Thank you for any and all serious answers! :)

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I found tanking legion dungeons pretty good at lvl 100 and I will level my blood dk once I get my hunter up.     Blood is good for holding aggro and picking up adds but you must ensure you keep your bone shield and blood shields up as much as possible.    Blood is also a good spec for questing as its self healing means less eating and you can take down boss mobs solo but takes a bit longer to kill things.

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