[Tichondrius][A] <Raptured> LF Heals+Ranged For N/H

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About Us

  <Raptured> is a new and upcoming semi-casual raiding guild building our roster for Legion. Semi-casual to us means putting our main focus on having a good time but also putting our game faces on to kill those bosses. We'll be working our way through Normal and Heroic raid encounters and the new Mythic+ five-man instances coming in Legion. Mythic raiding may be in our future but is not an immediate goal.

  We're a bunch of guys with a love for the game and the challenging content it has to offer but also real life obligations that prevent us from joining a hardcore guild. So we'll have a fairly lax progression schedule and plenty of casual runs of Mythic+ Dungeons and maybe some PUG/Alt raids.


Recruitment Needs

  We are currently recruiting to fill out a solid 10 man roster for Normal/Heroic. We are looking for individuals who are skilled at the game but may not have enough raiding experience to get out of the LFR rut. While we value keeping it light and fun we also value each individual raider bringing their A game and being prepared to clear new content. A chill attitude, good raid attendance and preparedness are a must. Although we’re shooting for a 10 man composition, extras are always welcome and since raids are 10-30 man flexible.

  • Tanks
    • No Tanks/Backups needed at this time
  • Healers
    • High Priority: Need 2 More Main Healers
  • Damage
    • Ranged DPS


Raid Times

Raid times are somewhat tentative as we build our roster.

  • Wednesday: 8:15 - 11 PM PST
  • Thursday: 8:15 - 11 PM PST


How To Join

Does <Raptured> sound like just the guild for you?

Apply at our site and we'll contact you within a few days through Battle.Net message or Discord. Discord is required for voice chat and offline communication.

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