Volley/Murder of Crows

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Now that both Volley and Murder of Crows got buffed, what would be the go to T8 talent be, or does it not change? Seeing as Volley and Barrage was close in dps on the sims.

  • Volley now deals additional damage at 100% of Attack Power (was 75%).
  • Murder of Crows (Marksmanship) now deals damage equal to 162% of Attack Power (was 135%).


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It's really going to depend on the situation. 

MoC for pure single target. 

Barrage you'll be using in many of the raid encounters as the mobs will be more spread rendering Volley not as effective. 

Volley will be used for Mythic+ dungeons since gathering and grouping mobs will be a leading tactic. 

For leveling, go for whatever "shoots" your fancy. I don't like Barrage for leveling as I may pull more unintended mobs, so I bounce between MoC and Volley. 

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