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ilev 520+

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All this has probably been mentioned before but I cant seem to find it so im asking. Now that I have ilev 525, I have been wondering on some things that I should probably change.

First, gemming. Should I stick with the hybrid gems for more int or is it worth going flat mastery and haste gems now? Maybe even replacing flat int with hybrid?

Second, its better to use GoSac for single target as well as multi-target now, right? Or should I wait until I finally get that goddamn Lei Shen trinket? Im thinking I should wait, but just wondering on other opinion here.

Lastly, the best haste cap for my ilev is still 8100, right? If I remember correctly, the next is 14k, so im assuming that sticking with 8100 for now is still the best idea.

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Gemming doesn't matter. Gem what you want to get the values you want. I personally go 160expertise/160haste, 320haste, and 160hit/160haste because I like single target Haste for Lei Shen and Ra-den (what I'm working on now). At 536 ilvl, I JUST hit the 14k threshold (14.1k I believe) that gives me 40.02% raid Haste. This isn't, however, the next Doom or Shadowflame threshold which is just over 14.8k.

Grim of Sac is really irritating me because it is SO relient on getting an Unerring proc. Basically if you're playing Demonology without Unerring, you're not playing optimally. It typically goes Demonology-Unerring >= Affliction > > > Demonology-no Unerring >= Destruction at higher item levels.

The issue is that Unerring Demonology DEMANDS procs or you're right down the crapper. It's very RNG relient...it'll create some of the higher parses you'll see, but it'll also create some really abysmal parses. For example, I had some pulls where I was at 250-275k 2:30 into Heroic Lei Shen. I had other attempts (no procs) where I went into the first interphase @ 2:30 around 175k. It's THAT much of a difference. I decided to go Grim of Supremacy and I was sticking consistantly around 200-215k which created less variance in when we reached the interphase. Grim of Sac also relies on procs and really lucky events to keep your Demonic Fury high during your burst. It's still a playstyle decision, but those are why I dislike Grim of Sac. Even with 40% Haste and waiting 5 minutes before pulls, I still had 10-12 attempts where I got no procs within the first minute which REALLY irritated me.

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