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Haven't played since WOTLK. Need help with class changes

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So I last raided in WOTLK as an Enhancement Shaman and Frost DK. They both had a very similar play style and I'd have to say it was my favorite to play. What is a viable pick these days that shares a style with those two? I wish I'd had more time to play around pre-launch to test out myself but I was not able to pick the game back up until two days ago.

I know these questions get asked all of the time but I'd really appreciate a serious answer from someone that's been around for a while and might know what I mean.


edit: I'm not looking for "What's the OP class" I just want something that isn't bad and is similar to those two classes play style from WOTLK era.

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Judging by your previous choices, you're looking at a melee class. The best thing you can do is log in and try each specialisation. The character creation screen allows you to use a "class trial" to test the class.

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