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Phoenix's Flames indicator

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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows a way or add-on to remove the floating orbs around your character from Phoenix's Flames? It's incredibly distracting to me and I'm finding it much more of an annoyance than any kind of help!  

Would something like Weak Auras or similar be able to disable this?

Thanks very much in advance. 

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Νope. It's not a UI thing, the orbs are permanently attached to your character (like his/her hair). And I don't remember if they change with any of the Artifact Skins.

My advice would be to make a topic in the official forums and hope that it gets enough attention. While I personally don't mind the orbs, I agree that it can look silly, especially in the order hall where everybody looks like a character from Naruto or Dragon Ball. I was thinking about this the day before yesterday; hopefully Blizzard will add a way to hide them but this will probably happen in a later patch.

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