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Exalted with Jeeves is a long running guild that started with a close knit group of friends back in Cata. We took a break from raiding in Draenor and are making a comeback for Legion.


When we formed back in Cata, although pretty far into the expansion, we did what we needed to to get the group into raiding. We had Firelands cleared within 2 weeks and finished the expansion out with 7/9 Heroic Dragonsoul. We did that with only being together for a little under 2 months. We are highly motivated to clear endgame content and wont stop till its done.


The core players that made this guild had been playing video games together for a combined total of over 50 years. We have played many games together ranging from Call of Duty and Diablo 3 all the way to Bejeweled and Words with Friends. We are a close knit group of friends and welcome anyone who shares the same views and values we do.


We have set the bar high for Exalted with Jeeves by setting out to be one of the premier casual raiding guilds. We plan to achieve this while still providing a friendly family one can feel at home with. We are willing to help coach members that show the willingness and dedication to learn and better themselves in every aspect of the game. We are a very Family oriented, extremely Dedicated and highly Motivated group of talented gamers that have the same goal in mind..... To Kill Bosses and Get Loot


Currently we are looking for a couple healers an off tank and DPS for our raiding/mythic dungeon group, regrettably we are already full on Demon Hunters but you are still welcome to join.


If this sounds like something your interested in you can head over to www.exaltedwithjeeves.com or PM anyone in the guild for more info.

Thank you and have fun with Legion!

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