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Disc healing 10 man

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Hi guys,

First of all thanks for some great tips and tricks in here. really nice to see so many dedicated ppl.

I have some questions for what should be done in 10m normal ToT. My disc priest is here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Asyana/simple

I geared for Atonement healing (Crit > Haste > Mastery), but i find my self using PoH, PW:S and the heal abilities more.

Is atonement bad for 10man? Our setup is either Druid/Priest or Pala/Priest. (The problem is the biggest when healing with the druid.)

Just to know which way i should pursue before going full in.

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Atonement is good)

It is very good because of several reasons:

1. You do damage, so you help your dps to kill things faster

2. Atomenet provides constant stream of healing and if you are geared for crit< it provides decent amount of absorbing shields

3. Atoment is smart heal, so youi do not have to switch targets unless someone is required shielding or extra heal, and you can concentrate on the situation and dbm timers rather than looking on the health bars

4. Atonement gives you Evangelism stacks, which increase you damage and which you can use to get your wings ;)

You should try to maintain 5 stacks of Evangelism at almost all times.

You should keep track of the DBM timers and be aware of upcoming raid damage.

Try to turn your Archange, SS and Power Infusion 10-12 seconds before the damaging ability of the boss lands.

Ask your RL to stack all your melee to one group, so the can all be healed with your PoH.


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Do you have any logs from World of Logs to show? Also you're logged out in Shadow, so we can't see your disc gear.

If you're 2 healing content, you want to be using healing spells more and using atonement as a filler, and to use AA on cooldown (or nearly so). Gem/reforge for crit and mastery, haste is bad in that you need more spirit to sustain higher levels of haste.


concentrate on the situation and dbm timers rather than looking on the health bars

If you're not keeping an eye on health bars, you're gonna have a bad time.

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Hi and thx for the good advices.

Im in disc spec and gear now - unfortunately i dont have any WoL, but i'll get it next week.

I do enjoy atonement. My frustration is only when there is emmergency, like a dps that fail to move or something. Then i end up flash healing which is damn expensive.

@Derp - but is disc that good as single target healer? I know it can do some serious aoe healing, but single target i find it hard to keep up.

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Discipline is an amazing single target healer. Penance hits like a truck when you use it on a friendly target, and if you maintain grace stacks on the tank your greater heals start hitting very hard. Don't underestimate spirit shell for single target use either. It has its place.

I go most fights without using flash heal, ever. PW:S should be your go-to emergency heal for low-health targets. It's cheaper now, and absorbs for more than flash heal heals. If the target has weakened soul, drop a penance on them. If penance happens to be on cooldown as well, then and only then use flash heal on them.

Mouseover macros for PW:S and penance are a must. Well, I actually use Vuhdo, and have it configured so that I can just hover over someone's health frame and right click to PW:S them.

As for your gear, your gemming looks decent enough. But man, you need wayy more mastery than what you're running with now. Crit and mastery are interesting right now in how they work together. Crit gives you more DA absorbs, Mastery makes those absorbs (and PW:S) more potent. There is a balance to be had between them. Check out this spreadsheet on the HowToPriest forums for more info: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3690&sid=4c219b83bf200bb05b5618f6df9b4859

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Well im just a AskMrRobot sucker when it comes to gemming. :-)

I find your tips very interesting Derp, i will definitely try them out and see if it works better for me. More mastery might prove useful for me in those situation.

I'll take a look at the spreadsheet and see what i can work out from it.

Thanks again. :-)

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This is pretty much a copy paste from a post I made a couple of days ago to someone about disc priest healing.

My team hasn't had to two heal a fight yet, that's one of the perks of have a disc priest is they can just atonement heal and do some dps. Coupple things about gear to recommend off the start. Unless you are actively raiding ToT I would recommend upgrade the 476 dark moon trinket, if upgraded twice to a 484ilvl it has the same spirit proc as Spirits of the sun from Terrace. Like someone said earlier keeping Rapture used on cooldown is a good thing, I use ExtraCD to keep track of it. However unlike a lot of disc priests, I don't make an effort to keep Grace up on the tank, I see it as a wasted Penance or whatever I could be using to atonement heal. And like already stated knowing when to use spirit shell is a skill to learn. I don't really use it as often as I should because I know my two other healers will be able to keep the raid up, I usually just try to Pop Inner Focus, with Evangelicalism and Prayer of healing, just to make sure everyone is topped of, and put a little 40-50K bubble on everyone. If it's a fight like Jin'rokh for lightning storm, Prayer of Mending On cooldown, and Cascade. You should be able to get 3 prayer of mending off during a lightning storm if you cast it about 10 seconds before it starts. I'm going to post my logs and my armory so you can look at what you want. I honestly don't gem that much spirit, I have 9.4k without food or flask, I just gem straight crit. However, I do need the 300 spirit food and a spirit flask in order to keep my mana in check. Just something to think about.


That link may or may not work I am server transferring later today, if that doesn't work you can find me on Thrall with the samename, maybe with a funky n at the end of it or something.

This first one is Heroic Jin'rokh and then reg the rest of the way to Megeara


And this one is Ji-Kun up, except for some reason Lei Shen isn't showing up :


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