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Venomous Wounds

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How does Venomous Wounds work? If I have both rupture and garrote up on a single mob do i get energy from both ticks? If I have rupture on multiple mobs do I get multiple energy back?

I have tried searching the forum for an answear but couldnt find. Thanks in advance.

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Both of those are correct - any bleed that you have active on any target that is also affected by your poisons will give you energy back when the bleed does damage

Not that your Rupture will last longer than your poisons, so be sure to swap targets regularly to keep those rolling

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If you have both Rupture and Garrote, it'll proc VW twice? Thought it procced only once and Rupture took priority over it. Procs twice.

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11 hours ago, bobekzea said:

What about kingslayers ability? It says nature damage, so propably not counting towards VW?

You mean does Kingslayer proc the VW passive? No it does not, only your Bleeds do. 

Sin only has 2 bleed effects: Rupture, and Garrote. If you take the appropriate talent, you can get Kidney Shot to add a bleed effect, but only if the mob is actually stunned (aka it won't work on bosses and many other mobs in a raid)

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