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Hi folks,

I was wondering if there's an add-on out there that would help on fights such as Horridon where there are lots of adds present.

What I envisage is something similar to raid frames for the party, but that applies to the adds instead.

Maybe there's someway to configure Elv UI or DBM to show frames for adds...I will have a play when I get home from work to see if this is the case....

I'm in a heroic progression group working on Horridon and there's a lot going on at times! Tabbing through targets or trying to click the correct add can be error prone and slow.

I have the add tank on focus, so I can quickly target, his target but having a frame for each add as they spawn would seem to me to be very handy indeed. For example, mouse over interrupts would be awesome on door 2. I imagine this would also help on focusing down adds.



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Hey im not sure that this is possible but you may be able to configure a nameplate addon to make the add nameplates much bigger and look like frames i believe this would offer you the same functionality, other than you would be unable to control where the frames are on your screen.

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