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[Player][A*/H]<Any*> Melínda (Returning WotLK Player) Shadow Priest

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Hi, my name is Mark and I am a returning WotLK raider, coming back for Legion.

I have returned for Legion, and I am now looking for a raiding home as my previous guild is no where to be found.

I am looking for a mature raiding guild, who is going to be doing mythic raids 3-4 nights per week (I'm flexible on the days) sometime between 6pm-11pm EST.

I can commit to being on time, high attendance, infrequent AFK's (just need the occasional bio break). I also come to raids prepared with knowledge of the fights that we are walking into, as well as having the proper consumables.

Please feel free to contact me in game (Melínda-Lightninghoof) or through Battle.Net (mrkwllce #11854).


I raided for the majority of WotLK in a World Top 100 guild as a Shadow Priest.

Notable Achievements:

Armory Link: Here

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Hi Mark, I know this post is older but are you still looking for a guild? We may be somewhat close to what you are looking for. We are still small, but want to grow and progress and hopefully do heroic and mythic raiding in the future (we just need the right people to get started). Let me know. c:


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Hey Melinda, my guild on Korgath <Imperial Vengeance> 7/7H is looking for ranged dps to fill out our mythic roster. We currently raid Tues/Wed from 7-10 CMT. We're a group of returning hardcore raiders from different guilds and it looks like you would fit right in. Gear isn't a requirement, we can gear you up if it is needed. Contact me at Turttlle#1214 in game or post here. 

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