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[7.0.X] Vengeance Tips and Tricks for Mythic & Mythic+ Dungeons.

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*Note: Mythic+ doesn't come out until Sep. 20, post will be updated for that later.


Point of this Post?

This is NOT a guide for the dungeons. This assumes you know the basic mechanics of the zone and only offers additional information that you can use to maximize your vengeance tanking with.

Please feel free to comment with more ideas so they  can be added to the list!


What Should I Spec?

I was planing on this being an in depth bit about talents but...I ended up using the same spec for everything with zero problems or wishing I had done differently. Tl;Dr is 2213211.

Tier 1: Agonizing FlamesAgonizing Flames - Purely for damage and helps kiting when you need to kite. The other two are meh at best,

Tier 2: FalloutFallout- I like the healing orbs on trash more than the passive 17k-ish healing a second of Feast of Souls. Better for burst healing when too much is pulled or a mob does an effect (huge in Black Rook Hold).

Tier 3: FelbladeFelblade has amazing potential due to the small charge that it gives you, with the number of knock backs found in mythic it really comes in handy having this in your tool kit. The Pain generation is also great. Fel EruptionFel Eruption is your second option and not a bad pick if you're in a comp that doesn't have a stun. As much as I love the idea of Flame Crash it is in the end just not very good. 

Tier 4: Soul RendingSoul Rending - Leech w/ Meta is OP and the other two talents suck.

Tier 5: Sigil of ChainsSigil of Chains - omg so good. Like, so so good. First week I ran Quickened Sigils but this week I gave Chains a shot and I'm sold on it. Major help for not only grouping but also interrupting stuff. Very awesome talent.

Tier 6: Fel DevastationFel Devastation - The ST healing from it is solid, the AoE healing from it is amazing and if you have Charred Warblades gold trait the AoE healing is just insane. Not uncommon for me to be able to do 95% of the HPS on a large trash pull that the healer is doing. Blade Turning sucks imo and Spirit Bomb takes a good bit of micromanagement that I ain't got time for in Mythic. 

Tier 7: Last ResortLast Resort - Because it is OP and the other two suck.


What Is A Mythic Dungeon?

Five man content that is harder than Heroic and gives better loot. 840 base, can be up to 850. No attunement requirements for the main 8, need 8k of out 12k in Honored Nightfallen Rep for the last two. Highly recommend your group be at least 810 average ilvl - although it is possible to do these at a lower ilvl (my first run our average was 795) it is much harder to do and likely impossible for a PuG.



Assault on Violet Hold

Sigil of Chains is very helpful for keeping all of the trash packs together. Sigil of Misery is the same way.


Black Rook Hold

Sigil of Chains for the gauntlets is amazing, helps keep them off of you as you run past to get to the end.

Pull Amalgam of Souls to a wall so that the 180 sweep of the room doesn't effect ranged/melee basically at all.

Sigil of Chains can be used to interrupt the archers volley attack.


Darkheart Thicket

Sigil of Chains keeps bambi from running away. Dumb deer.


Eye of Azshara

Kill the first boss, kill the trash for Lady Hatecoil - DO NOT KILL HATECOIL, skip her and go to Serpentrix, after Serpentrix is dead go back to Hatecoil and kill her. The Seagulls and wind only spawn if you 1) Engage Hatecoil or 2) Go into either of the Deepbeard caves. Killing Serpentrix without Gulls and wind make the fight a LOT easier.


Halls of Valor

Sigil of Chains OP.


Maw of Souls

Sigil of Chains and Sigil of Silence are your best friends. Use them. Kill Mistcallers first - always.


Neltharion's Lair

Sigil of Chains for worms.


Vault of the Wardens

Use Spectral Sight in the final rooms to see everything that you normally need the orb of light for. On the final boss you can also use it to see EVERYTHING such as the Army and Avatar of Vengeance.

After the final boss there is a small hidden event that you can use Spectral Sight for also, it is purely for lore and gives no loot. YouTube Video of it. Thanks to Ademonhunter on the WoW Forums for finding her, making the video, and posting it.


The Arcway

Sigils, sigils, sigils! Chains and Silence are very strong, use them on CD basically.


Court of Stars

Sigils, sigils, sigils! Chains and Silence are very strong, use them on CD basically.

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I think you skipped the real Tier 3 talents and went straight to the tier 4 talents.


Seems that I’ll have to give sigil of chains a try when I’m running mythic tonight with my guild. Other than that nice guide. I didn’t know that you could avoid the wind and the seagulls. Sadly I already did that specific dungeon so I’ll have to try this in the next ID

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For Court of Stars, Sigil of ChainsSigil of Chains is yet again OP on the Sentries that try to alert other packs. Use Sigil of MiserySigil of Misery after that and the sentry is dead before you know it.

Pretty much every mob in there likes to cast something that you can interrupt so again using sigils one after another is a pretty good idea.


For The Arcway, on Ivanyr there's no reason to have Feed the DemonFeed the Demon as his melee ended up only being about 6% of his damage. Empower WardsEmpower Wards should pretty much be used on cd in this fight.

Rest of the bosses are pretty straight forward.

On trash. use Sigil of ChainsSigil of Chains to pull in the little goblin things as they don't run to you when line of sight pulling. Alternatively use Sigil of MiserySigil of Misery to disorient while you deal with nearby mobs.

I'd recommend setting up a pseudo interrupt order for the forgotten spirits as not interrupting regularly means you will quickly reach 10 stacks of Torment and no one in the party will get healed.

Edited by Vaenir
Updating after completing Arcway
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Darkheart Thicket: Oakheart

If the Boss trys to throw you into an other player, use your jump to go back on ground while throwing to prefent other players from damage.

One more point: staying fast again on you tank-position prevemts all other players from Oakhearts breath. Maybe place a worldmark to finde you postion easier.





Thanks for the great cordana tips!

You da man - again... ;)

Edited by Namuria

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Using Glide to return to a boss after being knocked back is way more efficient than using Felblade.

Either hotkey it somewhere (Yes, you can do this! Its in your spellbook) or just hit space bar anytime you get tossed somewhere. Its ridiculously easy.

Spec Felblade if you like it but its not required ever.

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Depends on the boss really. End boss of Nel's glide is awesome for both knock backs, Oak tree boss in Darkheart glide won't help where Fel is awesome.

Also, Fel is by a fair margin the best talent on the tier to start with so...not really any reason to not have it.

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I started out playing Havoc and only began to appreciate Vengeance a few months ago. I now have something like a 2000 point difference using the same gear. My gear designed to maximize damage is all ass backward and expensive to change. Not only that but my pull is maybe 4/3 my damage which gets me killed if I don't buff like crazy. I seem to spend more and more time metamorphosed which suggests I need more protection and so I wondered about glyphs and other enhancements


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