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warlock leveling spec for horde

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Dear fellow WoW players,

I am starting a warlock alt, and i need a solid lvling spec and a raid pvp spec so i was wondetring what is a solid pve and pvp spec to run on an orc warlock.

Your fellow WoW player,


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Destro and Demo are both great leveling specs.

Destro is really fun in lower level BGs since noone will worry about keeping you from freecasting Chaos Bolts. That's actually true at max level BGs as well. AoE pulls as destro while leveling are very easy to manage and the survivability is great with zero downtime due to crazy mana regen. Destro does well in leveling dungeons as well.

Demo is very powerful in both BGs and dungeons. Last I remember Demo destroys the dps charts in dungeons. A little ramp up time is needed in BGs, but a half-full on demonic fury Demo lock is something to be afraid of. Leveling is also very easy, but slightly slower than Destro imo.

As for Orc specifics? No clue if that is a factor at all while leveling/BGing. I'll let the Horde of this forum weigh in on that.

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what i would do is look and see which specs get their key rotations at a lower level.. between destro/demo.. and play which one you get the majority of 'em.. if not that then play whatever spec you're looking to play at 90! :)

Good day and enjoy your eternal Warlock!

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If you want the quickest path to 90 via questing, Destro is your friend. Chaos Bolt destroys things, Destro is great in dungeons, and it has so much survival, it's not even funny. However, your 'rotation' while leveling, much as it is in raiding, is very trivial. You'll rely on about 4 spells, so make sure your wrist is in the proper position because you'll be jamming only 3 or 4 buttons a lot.

If you want the most fun path to 90, I strongly suggest Demonology. If you thought Destruction had some great survivability, wait til you have 5 pets to choose from and a plethora of cooldowns. Demonology will also make things very fun and has a lot of opportunity when you have an 'oh shit' moment where you pulled something ridiculously out of your league. You'll soon find out nothing is out of your league. As Demonology, I killed a level 70 Rogue at level 55. Yea, he may have been bad, but it still was pretty awesome. Leveling as Demonology will almost force your hand to learn its toolkit which will be extremely valuable at 90. Most players don't dabble in Demonology and tried to get into it this tier and found it confusing, difficult, and not worth putting effort into. Your call.

Affliction used to be the mandatory spec, but it's hardly that anymore. Affliction has just as much survival as the other specs, but I feel that DoTs are not the optimal way to level. Affliction also has a horrible feel in dungeons until things have enough HP to actually survive some of the OP leveling classes.

Source: Leveled 3 Warlocks as all 3 specs. Demo went MUCH faster...then again, I'm Demo at heart.

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