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Feral dps priority

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Hi there, i'm new to feral druid this expansion. Decided to reroll and it just so happens feral is really strong at the moment. But as it is a new class i am stuck with a few question regarding priority. 

While dpsing the boss i always maintain rake. I make sure i have the bloodtalons buff to renew rake, and i renew it at around 2 seconds before it expires. I also play with savage roar. I make sure to keep this up at all times. My main question is: if rip is about to drop, but savage roar is about to drop too. Do i give priority to savage roar or priority to rip?

If i formulated everything vaguely please let me know and i'll try to reword it better :). Thanks in advance!

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Savage Roar first. Also make sure to read this section of the guide:


The timing for refreshing  Savage Roar is not very strict, but you should still try to refresh it right as it is about to expire so as not to waste any of its duration.

It is, however, important to note that if you have 5 Combo Points and 7.2 seconds left on Savage Roar, you can refresh it without losing any of its duration. Making use of this can make keeping up the buff quite a bit easier, but refreshing Savage Roar even with fewer than 5 Combo Points is acceptable in emergencies.


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