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World of Warcraft - Survey Participation Request

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Hello Everyone,

Help a fellow resident of Azeroth get her doctorate!

I am a doctoral candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and am currently finishing my dissertation in Communications Media and Instructional Technologies.  I am studying how an avatar's gender affects strategy and gameplay.  The survey overall should take about 30 minutes of your time (don't worry, there is a lot of multiple choice questions!)

I thank you all in advance for any assistance you can provide and feel free to tell your friends and guildies!


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Mhm did the survey there are a view things to improve:

First of all changing the order of the answers weight feels a little bit of (meaning on one page disagree is the left side, on the next it’s on the right).

Than some of the questions feel duplicated.

On the page “In the group of people in your MMORPG game –“ you’ve two empty sentences

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Thank you so much for the input and taking the time to participate you two!

Also a huge thank you to the community thus far for helping out! I really appreciate it!

Just wanted to update that we are still collecting data until the end of November - So feel free to participate and share the link if you think someone would be interested.


I hope everyone is enjoying the new patch thus far!

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