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Technical questions I couldn't find answers for

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I'm new to the warrior DPS class and I have some technical questions I couldn't find answers for because I noticed Warriors are lacking clear in-depth guides, unlike most other classes like Rogues.

-Berserker Stance: when to use it?

I saw on wowhead from 4.3: "While in Berserker Stance, you gain 1 rage for every 1% of your health lost to damage." Is it still the case?

I must think of every possible encounters where you could use Berserker stance properly and get a clear benefit from it. I know Megaera's Rampages are good for example.

There is a list for T14 on wowhead, the guy is basically saying to switch to Berserker whenever a strong hitting event happens and that seems very very tedious to me, so I wonder: how much DPS would I be losing for not using it in every possible scenarios? 1-2% or more?

-Is Heroic Leap still a good addition to the single target rotation, even after the glyph was nerfed?

-Is it advised to charge+heroic leap at the same time, whenever possible? Or just some very skilled move most warriors don't really do?

-I'm not used to this micro-bursting window and the whole rotation feels robotic to me, there's like no RNG to this, meaning that one mistake hinders your DPS and guarantees a subpar DPS (even more noticable now that DPS warriors aren't topping the meters)

Is there a way to get used to it more easily? A way to "smooth" the rotation?

-I use custom weak auras to track all the important buffs, debuffs and CDs: CD and debuff of Colossus Smash, Enrage buff, stacks of Raging Blow, stacks of Bloodsurge, stacks of Meat Cleaver, CD of Berserker Rage, Bloodbath, Banner and Recklessness.

Did I miss anything important? Is there something useless to track?

Thanks for reading.

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1) Unless there is constant high-damage AoE, you won't lose much by not switching to Zerker Stance for big hits. For example: Megaera's last few rampages hurt enough that I have enough rage to spam HS on top of my normal rotation during the rampage, whereas if you use it for something like Dark Animus' Interrupting jolt you'll generate 40-50 rage and that'll be it. Of course, you can go nuts and stance dance for (Zerker for jolts battle stance in between) but the dps gain is minor at best.

2) Yes, since heroic leap is off the GCD it's free damage. If you don't need it for the mobility try and cast in every other CS.

3) Charge is used in the opener, and then to close distance with a moving boss or incoming add. There's no point in using Leap at the same time especially since you want to use it with CS.

4) There's no secret for that, Fury is all about managing rage. You want to get in every CS with as much rage as possible without being capped and 2 charges of RB, and get out of CS with 0 charges left and close to 0 rage. It's really just "Save Rage" -> "CS Burst" -> Repeat.

5) You shouldn't need to track the "stacks" of bloodsurge. You want to use all 3 charges at the same time between 2 BT's, so only the actual buff is important. You cover the main ones pretty well already: CS, Enrage, RB are the main ones you want to be tracking. Just make sure you have an easy way of tracking your current amount on rage -- I can't stress this enough: Fury = Rage management.

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